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Where to submit assignment reports:Electronically as a pdf file via UniLearn.

In submitting this assignment, students should be aware of the following:

  • Unless there are extenuating circumstances, work handed in after the hand-in date will receive a mark no greater than 40%; if handed in after the cut-off date (1 week after the hand-in date) the mark will be 0%.
  • Student Handbook of Regulations: Section 5 covers procedures for students wishing to claim extenuating circumstances. Sections 4 and 6 define plagiarism and the procedures and penalties for dealing with it.
  • You are advised to keep copies of all your assignments in case of difficulties.

The signature below confirms that you have read and understood the regulations concerning hand-in deadlines, penalties for late submission, plagiarism and extenuating circumstances procedures and that the  work submitted is your own.

This assignment will NOT be marked unless the following section is fully completed


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Module Tutor

Mechanical Design NIM 2211 Q Xu
Automotive Design NIM2207 K Kubiak

Assignment Title

Ass. Weighting

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Detailed Design (individual) 50% OF MODULE
Word Limit

Date Due

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Word Count

24 April 2015

PERFORMANCE FEEDBACK:  15th May 2015 via Unilearn

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Summary Comments:(Please include comments on performance in relation to assessment criteria)

Detailed Design (individual project)


This is an individual project and you are expected to work on and develop further the initial group project from the concept to a detailed design project ready for workshop. The final report should contain documented decision-making process.

The detailed design project aims to teach design principles to students following varied disciplines such as automotive engineering, general engineering, environmental engineering, computer aided engineering, etc. A range of projects offered has been created to give the students a choice with respect to their particular discipline. Furthermore, elements of sustainable engineering have been included to introduce students to concepts of re-useable materials and energies.


  • To give practice and experience in tackling an open-ended design problem
  • To allow students to develop research and investigative skills
  • To enable students to select materials and manufacturing processes as part of the overall design
  • To enable students to develop their skills at both assembly drawing and detail design
  • To introduce sustainable engineering concepts
  • To enable students to develop report presentation skills


This assignment allows you to demonstrate all of the outcomesof this module:

  • Demonstrate a detailed knowledge of individual elements of modern design concepts and methods;
  • Cognitive & intellectual Skill: Identify key areas of product design analysis and choose appropriate methods for their solution in a considered manner;
  • Practical & Professional Skills: Operate ethically in situation of varying complexity and predictability requiring the application of a wide range of techniques of modern design concepts and methods;
  • Key Transferable Skills: Select and use a range of communication methods appropriate to the product design analysis. 

Working individually, you should build on the previous concept design and convert it into a workable detailed design. This assignment will include material selection, component selection, detailed drawings and assembly drawings. Presentation should be in the form of a standard professional report complete with assembly and detail drawings as required for issue to a workshop.

3-D Representations

Note! You should use standard means of presenting drawings such as paper, Solid Works, however, each student is expected to complete as many drawing as he can (an assembly and a detail drawing ofmain detail drawings are required for minimum passing grade) preferably in Solid Works. This mark will be extracted and used as part of your 3D mark for the module. Please note that the marking scheme reflects the need for this means of engineering communication.

The Report, complete with any engineering drawings, parts lists and appendices will be submitted by uploading PDF files to Unilearn. As a minimum requirement for passing mark, at least five detailed drawings of key components of the design must be submitted by each student individually.


Files which are submittedMUST be a collection of PDF’s files packed as a single zip file. Submissions in any other format will NOT be marked.

Professional Report

Whenever a report is written the following sections should be included:

Front sheet (for administration purposes)

  • Title and title page
  • Contents page with page numbers
  • Brief
  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Main body of the report with diagrams, photographs, graphical data, etc
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Bibliography and information sources
  • Appendix

Word Count:

The word count limit for this assignment is 2000 to 3000 words. The report of at least 2000 word is expected and part exceeding 3000 words will not be marked. The word count will only include the words in your report (i.e. it will not include words in the model tree of the FEA models). Within the report the following items will be excluded from the word count:

  • Title page
  • Contents page
  • List of symbols used, list of figures, list of tables (if present)
  • Words within equations
  • Words within figures, including the figure title.
  • Words within tables, including the table title.

Note that figure and table titles should be brief and should not include any information not already present in the main text.

Detailed Marking Scheme

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