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Law Assignment Helpquite supportive in solving all your law related assignments. Law is a diverse field which demands for an intensive understanding for each of them. Through Law assignment help service, you will be able to attain your objectives and it also gives you the opportunity to attain good grades in academics. A contract is an agreement which is legally binding on the parties who have entered into it. There are many different types of contracts in the law of contracts and they all have their own importance. we have discussed the different types of contracts below:

Unilateral contract: A unilateral contract is a contract where the offeror negotiate or bargains for a complete performance instead of a promise to perform.

Bilateral contract: In bilateral contracts there is an exchange of promise from one party to the other to do or not to do a specific thing.

Oral contract:are those contracts in which the parties agree to the terms of the agreement verbally only. Oral contract are difficult to prove therefore they have less impact in law and they are also known as quasi contracts.

Written contract:are those contracts in which the terms of the contract are written on a paper especially on standard contract forms and both the parties have knowledge of the terms and when they sign it then it becomes binding on them. Written contracts are easy to prove and their impact is completely valid in the eyes of the law.

Express contract:are contracts in which the parties know about the terms of the agreement beforehand and they discuss all the terms of the agreement. Their impact is more than the implied contract as both the parties have expressly entered into a contract.

Implied contract:in this contract the parties have some mutual understandings where they show their intention in the form of an action or conduct. These contracts are implied by the courts or the statutes.

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