Brief background of City of Sickville

Sickville is the city which is located in north east of Victoria. The population of the city is very less and it consists of only 61 to 786 residents. As compared to the national average birth rate, the birth rate of the city is quite high. The residents are mostly comprised of citizens of Australia. The main occupations of the resident are agriculture, mining, farming and trade. The city is facing problem regarding teenage pregnancy and cancer because of which health of the people is gradually degrading. The people are facing many health related issues like obesity, depression, diabetes. However the major cause of morbidity is obesity that range between the age group of 1-17.

A brief introduction to your program, including justification of why you think the health issue is a priority

Health is considered as the major priority for the city because many of the residents are facing health related issues due to improper and inefficient infrastructure. The city also lacks in providing safe drinking water to its resident because of the drought. The quality has also being reduced in a significant manner due to which diseases are increasing. Although, in the recent times city is facing issue reading septic tanks maintenances due to which many serious disease has been increased and spread. 

While developing the effective health care plan for the city, the strategist must focus on process efficiency. In order to make the changes, goal is needed to be accomplished first in which the major areas will be covered and ideas will be implemented for making changes for long term. The program will also cover different measures that will help in attaining objectives (Eldredge, et al., 2016).

Sickville will also implement public health care programs that will help in controlling and preventing diseases, death and disability. However, implementing this program will not be an easy task as it will be completely dependent on the community who needs to follow this. The program will comprise of vision, mission, scope and goals (Fertman & Allensworth, 2016).   

Goal, Objective(s) and Sub-Objective(s)

The main mission of the health care program is to impart     highest possible standard treatment and care to the Sickville community. Treatment will be provided by professionals that will help the community to recover in a better way.

The vision of the program is to provide a high quality services to the patients who are suffering from obesity due to diabetes problem as this is the major reason behind high morbidity rate (Kelly et al., 2013).

Goal of the health care program will include the following points:

  • Taking all reasonable and possible steps in order to ensure that patients are receiving reasonable care and treatments.
  • High ethical standards are being maintained that will help in protecting public health and environment.
  • Every patient will be provided with high quality services.
  • Monitoring all the activities in order to access effectiveness of the program.

The health care program that will be implemented within the city will be conducted with association of “department of health and health service executive.”

The objective of the plan will include knowledge regarding diabetes due to which people are suffering from obesity.

After implementing the program within Sickville, it is necessary to evaluate the same as this will help in monitoring the success and determine if the program is producing any positive outcome or not.

Strategy Objectives and Strategy Activities

The city Sickville is facing the problem of obesity. However, in order to control  the problem different health care programs are being conducted which will promote the awareness among its community. Health care executive are monitoring the blood sugar level of every individual who are suffering from this disease, giving insulin, overall checkup is also being done in order to control diabetes. The program will promote those strategies that will help in eradicating the problem of obesity. There are various numbers of steps which can help in preventing this disease are highlighted below:

  • Eating of healthy foods needs to be promoted among the community as this will help in curbing the obesity. The choice of food plays vital role in maintaining blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure in healthy ranges. The choice of food will also have an effect on weight (Prince, et al., 2014).
  • Providing proper medication along with healthy eating proper medication will control diabetes that will ultimately reduce the chances of obesity in children.
  • The importance of being active must be communicated to the children who are suffering from obesity. Being healthy through regular exercise and physical activity needs to be promoted. As this will help in reducing the level of cholesterol.
  • Awareness programs must be initiated that will help in creating alertness and consciousness among the people.
  • Increasing social interaction for better mental health. It is observed that the mental situation of a person impacts on his daily lifestyle and eating habits. The lack of social interaction and stress is resulting into the dilemma of deteriorating mental health. It is observed that person with less mental stability tends more to junk foods and wrong diet habit. Therefore, they need to be more interactive with people in order to reduce depression.    
  • Importance of Walking for 10-15 minutes must be imparted among the children as it will help in calories burning.
  • Monitoring of sugar level twice or thrice a day will help in control of the same.
  • The other consequence that increases the obesity is stress which increases the growth of fat cells and will lose the mass of muscles (Salazar, Crosby & DiClemente, 2015). 
  • The schools can also implement and initiate the health awareness programs in order to educate children regarding the adverse effect of obesity.
  • The government can participate in health awareness programs that will help community to overcome adverse effect of diseases. They can provide meals to children that will contain proper and balanced diet.  

The community is also suffering from different types of cancer, therefore the health care plan must also include awareness on the same. The executives should create awareness about the disease, help the community to identify and recognise its symptoms, and impart effective treatment. Women must be aware too regarding the consequences of cancer and its effects (McGinnis, Williams & Knickman, 2017). 


The city Sickville is suffering from different health related issues like obesity and cancer because of the poor infrastructure and neglected health care centre. The city has only one small public hospital which is inefficient to cater the need of its public.  Due to the reduced water quality and unhealthy eating the people are suffering from different health related issues. Obesity is the major issue that will be discussed in this assignment. Various health care plans will be developed that will help in controlling and monitoring the issue. The executive will provide awareness about the symptoms along with that provides prevention.