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As a Human Resources director in Hotel Travelodge, a large hotel chain in United Kingdom, I am expected to give recommendations for adopting the activities in the hotel which improves the business performance.  Being an HR of a large hotel chain, I need to put immense efforts to analyse and evaluate the current spending on the HR activities of the hotel and to analyse its return on investments. The report describes that how Hotel Travelodge sets its performance and what is the capability of the organisation. It measures the Return of Investment of the Hotel and analyse that how the HR activities of hotel influence the overall outcome of the organisation.

Management report assignment

It will be further discussed in this report that what activities the hotel should adopt to improve the performance of the hotel and how the overall effects can be measured. (Syed Saad Hussain Shah, et al, 2012)

Recommendations on HR activities

For any business to be successful, it needs to make sure that the activities in the business are operating smoothly.  The business should understand its important drivers which manages the business operations.  Some of the key drivers of the business are planning, risk management, innovation, investment of capital, technology, etc. These key drivers should be recognized by the hotel, in the given case and then these should be evaluated and at last it should be seen that the business is achieving its targets or not. So, the business has to identify the key drivers first so that the performance of the business can be improved. The following recommendations are given on the HR activities of hotel Travelodge so that the business performance can be improved:

Two models of HRM activities are discussed in the essay which are Hard and Soft HRM. (Legge, 1995). Hard HRM is where the human resources are just like other resources and not the most important resource. The employees are used to complete targets of the organisation whereas Soft HRM considers the human resources as the most important resource of the organisation. The director of the Hotel suggests adoptingSoft HRM model so that the employees get motivated and give better contribution to the organisation. The Return on Investment will be evaluated on the basis of Soft HRM because it is expected that Soft HRM provides better results than Hard HRM because the satisfied employees are the best resources for the organisations and they deliver effective results.(Leonard, Cardy, 2014)

It is highly recommended by the director of the hotel to Plan in advance for the business. A business is successful when it has a definite objective and clear goals and the business which is performing continuously according to the standards. Hotel Travelodge needs Strategic Planning for getting the proper guidance in the future.  The resources should be allocated to achieve the set objectives of the business.  This will surely improve the performance of the business. In business planning the long term objectives are recognized and the business capabilities are matched with those objectives, the resources are determined and then the plans are executed to meet the objectives. Financial planning should also be done in which budgets are used so that the future expenses required can be forecasted and estimated and the financial position of the business can be determined. (Syed Saad Hussain Shah, et al, 2012)

Capable use of resources

The HR director recommends that the resources of the business should be utilized effectively so that the organisation should get better productivity. The efficient use of the resources of organisation is based on many other factors like technology, the staff of the business, the assets of the business, etc. People are the assets of any organisation and the most important resource of the organisation according to Soft HRM model, and the success of the company will be dependent on how the people will perform. For e.g. if the employees will behave nicely with the customers and will provide excellent services, the customer will spread his positive word of mouth for the hotel which will contribute in the success of the hotel. Skilled and trained employees will produce higher ROI for the hotel

Training and Development

These are the activities which enhances the productivity of the Hotel. Training and development programs are recommended by the HR director, to be conducted at Hotel Travelodge so that the employees render better services to satisfy the customer. The hotel’s efficiency increase because the staffs get much trained and boosted up. They tend to provide more creativity to the organisation. Training and development plays a very important role in the knowledge creation and management in the organisation.  It not only increases the quality of the organisation but also establish a healthy environment within the organisation. (Falola, et al, 2014)

Performance Management

 Performance management refer to the process in which the performance by the employees in the organisation ismanaged through various tool and techniques. It handles the poor performance at the organisational and it includes bringing right people for right kind of job by setting the expectations of the employs, delivering them training or by discharging the ones which are not able to perform well. Hotel Travelodge is recommended by the HR director to adopt Performance Management so that it would help in recognizing the needs of the training, to motivate the employees, to recognize their capabilities, etc. It will bring some improvements in the SHRM activities of Hotel Travelodge. (Leonard, Cardy, 2014)

Employee Engagement and Commitment

It is important for any organisation to invest on its human capital. It is recommended by the HR director that at Hotel Travelodge, the staff should be kept satisfied so that they can deliver their best to the Hotel and provide best services to the customer who will increase the business of the hotel ultimately. The employees who are committed with their organisation give impotent results to the organisation and they also create the competitive advantage for the organisation. They have higher productivity and also the lower turnover. (J, A. 2014)

Rewards and Retention

It is recommended that, the employees who are the best performers at the Hotel or at any organisation should be retained because they have a good potential and the company does not afford to lose them. There is a tough competition in the market and it is important for every organisation to hold the employees who contribute to the success of the organisation. But how to retain the talent in the organisation is the biggest challenge, the organisation can give some rewards to the employees, new offers, salary hikes, special deals can be offered to employees to make them retain with the organisation.(Zheng, et al, 2009)

Impact of Activities

The main focus of the report is to examine that how different activities of Strategic Human Resource management impacts the Hotel Travelodge and its performance/ effectiveness. Companies in hospitality industry are meant to deliver their products and services to the customer in a way which gives highest satisfaction to the customer and highest profits to the organisation itself. It is seen that the activities like Performance management, Training and development activities, retention and rewards, Business and financial planning, etc.has great effect on the performance of the Hotel. The Hotel recognized its needs and worked on them to reduce the gaps between the efforts and the success of the hotel. It also created the most talented employees which increased the productivity of the organisation. The rewards and retention helped in retaining the beats employees and like this, the Hotel managed to perform well in the industry and created profits and larger market share for itself. It also created a competitive advantage within the hotel Industry.(Zheng, et al, 2009)

Practical Implementation

The ROI can be measured through the Soft HRM model and the data is been collected through a survey in the organisation which will be completed by the employees. It will help in measuring the performance level of the employees and this will showcase the organisation’s performance ultimately. The above recommended activities of HRM by the HR director can be practically implemented so that a direct link can be established between the HR activities and the organisation’s performance.

Training and development programs for employees will help the hotel to improve their performance and to increase the productivity of the hotel as whole.(Salas, et al, 2008)
Motivation techniques will also help the hotel to motivate employees for giving their best to the organisation so that more profitability can be achieved.
Proper distribution and allocation of work also helps the workers to achieve the standard productivity.
Regular meetings should be held with the team which ensures proper and complete communication between different levels in the organisation. In these meetings, both positive and negative performances of the employees and the reviews of the customers should be shared with the team.
Employee feedback is also important to know where organisation lacks in providing comfort to the employees.
Above discussed activities are suggested by the director of Human Resources and these activities will help the organisation to gain higher productivity in the business of Hotel. If an organisation will make investment in these activities, it will produce returns for the organisation. The return of this investment made can be measured through the measurement of performance of employees and also from the turnover rate of employees in the hotel.


In this report, the HR director suggests some points which would enhance the performance of an employee and also the performance of the business. The investments made on the employees will produce the returns in the form of better performance of business. Making investments in employees will motivate the employees and also helps the organisation to achieve its goals and objectives. And ROI can be measured through measurement of employee’s performance with the help of survey Questionnaire and this measurement is done through the help of Soft HRM model.

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