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Law Assignment HelpLaw is a set of rules governing behaviour that are enforced by the government. Constitution and the rights encoded in it may influence formation of laws. Laws are made by legislature through legislation or executive through decrees or judges through precedent. Private individuals create agreements or binding contracts. History, economics, politics and society shape laws in a variety of ways. Laws act as mediator in relationship between people.

The law is divided into two areas viz. criminal law and civil law. Criminal law deals with the conduct harmful to social orders while civil law deals with resolution of disputes between organizations or individuals. In case of criminal law, if a person commits crime, he or she is imprisoned or fined. The resolutions provide legal remedy to the winning litigant. Contract law regulates trade on everything, whether small or big. Trust law is applicable for investment and financial security. Property law is applicable on property and tort law deals with claiming compensation in case of damage to a person’s property.

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