Information Technology

IT development and Selection


An enterprise resource planner is a system that is used for the integration of all the software components of a business that is divided into separate departments making a consolidated interface to work in (Beal, 2013). The enterprise resource planner used in our business will be custom ordered from a software company because it can be made a relevant and high feature bearing program with low price as compared to more advanced alternatives. The departments of marketing, finance, human resources and operation will be cumulated into a single interface for more convenient controlling by the employees.Information Technology

Cloud Computing

Considering the fact that organizations these days carry valuable data, cloud computing is amongst the most valuable assets that a business has. Hence, security and backup of this data is a very important thing. Reliable cloud computing programs like Dropbox and Google Drive will be used for the purpose of safe keeping the valuable organizational data on a cloud drive for backup purposes and also to keep it out of the hands of people to whom it is not to be accessible (Rouse, 2015).

International database system – connected with clients

We do not need a database for staying connected with our clients all the time. There is no continuous flow of information between the client business and the consultancy like it is in the case of fast moving consumer goods.  

Outsourcing services

For the development and execution of the ERP system, the services of IT professionals will be acquired.

Acquiring IT software

The IT software will be acquired by the business to have authorized copies of software registered in the company’s name.

Establishing database

The global database will be established to create an information channel with the clients and the potential market along with related service businesses.

Acquiring database of potential clients

The information system will be fed with the information of the potential clients that will be generated and collected from the local market analysis.

Hiring of professional IT staff

IT professionals will be hired for permanent maintenance and management of the IT services of the business.banner

IT security issues

For IT security issues a proper IT protection system will be installed and all databases will be protected through authorized access only.

Social media channels

The IT will also include the attachment of the social media with the business database.
Social media will be used to connect with potential clients and new businesses around the country. The services will be promoted using social media and feedback will be collected. In addition, the business will identify the un-served needs within the market with the help of potential client net open interaction and social media survey.

Website and SEO

The website will be developed and updated according to the business service. The website will be linked with the business database to target clients by connecting with them directly using the official domain. The SEO services will be used to make the website more accessible and amongst the top searched consultancy businesses in the market (Beal, 2014).

Global database system

Due to tough competition and the need of global database system, the present consultancy business aims to maintain high standard information technology tools within its operations.

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