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English is a West Germanic Language (WGL) that was first spoken in early medieval England and now it

English assignment help makes the student to learn and speak the English language in a well organized and simplified manner. English assignment help provides the step by step explanations on every simple and important aspect of English language. English assignment help makes the student to learn the usage of grammar while communicating with others. It also teaches how to frame sentences and the use of simple English words like a, an, and, is, was etc. English is a West Germanic language which originated in the Anglo Saxon England.

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  • English Essay writing
  • Basic English
  • Manually coded English
  • E Prime
  • English reform
  • English accent training
  • Special English
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English assignment help: problems and solutions

Like any other language, English assignment too has its own share of problems. Undergraduate and graduate students typically face problems such as like literary analysis, decoding the writings of difficult writers, tight deadlines and writer’s block. Therefore, our English assignment help are so popular among students. From online English courses help to English homework help, all the major issues associated with it are discussed below:

  1. Literary Analysis: Students struggling with their English assignments would surely agree that analyzing a piece of literature is the single most difficult thing a student has to do. So they refer to our English assignment help. Literary analysis has undergone several changes over the centuries. Some of the major theories of literary analysis are:
  • Theory of mimesis: A Greek theory which emphasizes likeness
  • Psychoanalysis: It emphasizes the unconscious desires and impulses that drive the characters and their actions
  • Deconstruction: A literary theory based on French philosopher Derrida’s philosophy which seeks to cull out the internal contradictions and tensions within the text
  • Marxist: Literary theory based on Karl Marx’s theories emphasizing class conflicts
  • Post Modernist: A theory emerging in the post-war scenario that puts into suspicion the very essence of modernity such as universal truth and ethics.
    English Assignment Help

    English Assignment Help

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