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Engineering economics is a challenging subject as it requires some level of technical expertise in engineering. For economics students, solving engineering economics assignments and problems often gets troublesome and they end up either doing them wrong, or seeking help from companies that charge them exorbitantly high. Our team of engineering economics experts provide cheap engineering economics assignment help service to students from schools, colleges and universities all over the world. We not only help students in securing top grades, but also enhance their learning of the subject.

Engineering economics, earlier known as engineering economy, is a subset of economics for application to engineering projects. Engineers look for solutions to problems, and the feasibility on the economic front of each possible solution is normally weighed along with the technical aspects.

In the curriculum of some U.S. programs, engineering economics is often a necessary course. It is a topic dwelling upon the Fundamentals of Engineering examination, and questions might also be framed on the Principles and Practice of Engineering examination; both are part of the Professional Engineering registration process.

Considering the time value of money is vital to most engineering economic analyses. Cash flows are discounted using an interest rate, i, except in the most basic economic studies.

For every problem, there are generally quite a few possible alternative solutions. One alternative that must be considered in each analysis, and is often the adopted choice, is the option of doing nothing. The opportunity cost of making one choice in preference to another must also be considered. There are also noneconomic factors to be considered, like color, style, public image, etc.; such factors are termed attributes.

Costs as well as revenues are to be considered, for each option, for an analysis period that is either a fixed number of years or the projected life of the project. The salvage value is often forgotten, but is vital, and is either the net cost or revenue for decommissioning the project.

Some other topics that may be considered in engineering economics are inflation, uncertainty, replacements, depreciation, resource depletion, taxes, tax credits, accounting, cost estimations, or capital financing. All these topics are the most important skills and primary knowledge areas in the field of cost engineering.

Since engineering is a vital part of the manufacturing sector of the economy, engineering industrial economics is a pivotal part of industrial or business economics. Major topics in engineering industrial economic


  • the economic

s are:s of the management, operation, and growth and profitability of engineering firms;

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