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Business Development Assignment Help

Business Development Assignment Help

Business Development Assignment Help needs to give overview of the target markets and existing market opportunities. It should have informative data on customers and competitors. Enforcing sales policies, advising on and drafting are the crucial parts of the assignment.

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    1. Finance

    Finance deals with allocation of assets and liabilities of either an individual or a company or a gove
    ment during periods of both certainty and uncertainty. There are three main areas of finance:

    • Corporate finance
    • Personal finance
    • Public finance

    From the point of view of business development, knowledge of the financial state of a company helps to frame strategies to increase business and reduce costs. There are three types of financial report that declares the financial state of a company. They are:

    • statement of income that notes the net profit incurred
    • statement of owner’s equity that notes the effect of cash inflow and outflow on the owner’s capital
    • balance sheet that tells the financial state of the company at any given moment.

    2. Marketing

    Marketing deals with the communication of the value of a product to the customers in order to maximize the profit-making motivations of a company. Marketing has traditionally involved 4 distinct aspects: price, product, promotion and place. Any business development strategy has to take into account the 4Ps of marketing mix.

    3. Strategic Management

    Strategic management refers to the formulation and implementation of strategy based plans usually undertaken by the top management of a company on the behalf of the board of directors and shareholders based on a careful analysis of the inte
    al and exte
    al environment of the company. In recent years, the focus of strategic management has shifted from the production process to the marketing processes. Strategy based planning and executions are essential for business development.

    4. Mergers and Acquisitions

    A part of strategic planning, merger refers to the coming together of two or more companies, while acquisitions refer to the taking over of one company by another. Mergers and acquisitions, as they are called together, consist of distinct stages. They are:

    • Documentation which involves a letter of intent between two parties to enter into a deal.
    • Business valuation refers to the evaluation of the market value of both the companies entering in a merger and acquisition
    • Financing refers to the ways in which a merger and acquisition deal can be carried out either through a cash purchase or through a purchase of stocks etc.