Understand website design concepts

website design concepts

Understand website design concepts

Understand website design conceptsAssignment Scenario
The Internet is perhaps the most important IT development of the last few decades; it provides new ways to communicate, share information and has also revolutionized the way people do business. Businesses can now take part in a global marketplace, widening their scope for potential customers, all from a local base and with relatively low start-up costs. One of the most popular ways users communicate on the Internet is by publishing and interacting with web pages.
The number of websites on the world wide web has increased dramatically and competition is very fierce. This means that designers must employ increasingly sophisticated techniques to capture interest, as well as ensuring that an appropriate company image is presented. Your company provides E-Commerce solutions to businesses which include
 Colleges, Banks, Super-Markets, Charities, Government Departments, etc.
Your task is to produce an E-commerce website/solution suitable for any other type of business organisation. This means the site should help the organisation to provide Internet services, collect and/or provide
 relevant information stored in a database to their customers online.
Your report
 must be based on the guidelines described below and tasks given and described to meet the assessment requirements of Unit 14 given below.

Task 1

You are required to write a report demonstrating a thorough understanding of some key concepts in web design by explaining important factors to be considered in developing a website design, examining structural features and current regulations impacting on web design.
Examine web design concepts and present your findings in detail in a document covering these in the following main areas:

  • The purpose of a site, its likely users, their needs and requirements
  • The site’s structure, design, functionality, browser considerations, hosting and maintenance
  • Legal considerations and general good practice

This is designed to provide an opportunity for you to meet        (P1.1)

Task 2

Create sample designs for a client’s website to meet the requirements of a brief (provided separately). Submit your designs to the client and a sample of potential users who will provide feedback on them.
Describe in a design report

  • The purpose of the site, its likely users, their needs and requirements
  • How your proposals are intended to meet these
  • Feedback from the client and potential users
  • The structure of the website, page layout and navigation
  • How you have included interactive features, including a contact or inquiry form and facility to purchase products on-line
  • How you have utilized html, CSS, java script and any other languages in implementation    (P2.1)
  • An evaluation of your designs – compare your site with an existing commercial website on the Internet.


Course Syllabus

website design concepts

  • Market Economic System

    Market economic system

    The resource allocation under this system is depend on the owner or the top management of the company. They will decide the output of the goods or services. The interference of the Government is not there in this system which helps the business organisation to operate freely. The choice to allocate the resource is based on the profit motive and helps the business firms to achieve more revenues. The positive side will be the economic growth which will come from the employment opportunities provided by the companies in free market economic system due to the less complexities. The negative side is the lack in the social well being where the exploitation towards the public by offering high price can be observed (Marshal, 2013). This type of economic system is prevalent in US.

    Command economic system:

    In this economic system, Government of the country takes decision regarding the allocation of the resources as well as the output of the company. The interference of the Government is high in this economic system. Starting from fixing the output up to designing the price is under the power of the Government. The positive side is the equal distribution of goods and services in the country, positive income distribution, well being of the citizens etc (Mankiw, 2013). The negative side is the low growth rate as the companies are not interested to operate in this strict environment. Innovation is also lacking in this type of economy. Previously the countries like China, Cuba and North Korea used to follow this system.

    Mixed Economic System:

    It is the economic system which involves both the participation of the Government and business organisation towards allocation of the resources as well distribution of the goods and services. The companies are allowed to take their own decision regarding the output but certain legal framework is there which the organisations have to follow in order to safeguard the interest of the common people. The organisations used to consider the taste and preferences of the customers in order to meet the requirements of the output. Profit maximisation is the ultimate motive of the organisation under this system but win-win situation is being given priority which is the positive side of this system. It is the organisation who will set their target audience for their products or services. The only disadvantage can be the changing policies of the Government which increases the operation cost for the organisations. This type of system is observed in UK, India etc. The mixed economy can be observed in UK where the business organisations like Tesco need to follow polices of the Government in order to operate their business. For example, Tesco has to pay VAT that is around 20% to the Government. The revenue collection of the Government is spent on the development projects, defence etc. On the other hand the policies regarding the Health and safety, Equality have to be follow by the organisations operating in UK in order to safeguard the citizens and employees. Thus an indirect control from the Government is there in the mixed system of economy which aims to bring equilibrium in the country (Moore, 2012).

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