Rooms Division Operations Management Assignment

Rooms Division Operations

Rooms Division Operations Management Assignment

Layout and Referencing:

Rooms Division Operations Management AssignmentPresent your work in one business report style which should include table of contents, reference list, foot or end appendices if any Include the reference code of this assignment on your assignment submission.
Each page must be numbered at the bottom right hand side.
Ensure your name is in the footer and the production date/version number of your assignment Spell-check the document and make sure there are no grammatical errors.

  • Complete all the tasks.
  • Produce clear specific reasoning and arguments in support of your answer.
  • You must include a bibliography at the end to show where your information was sourced.
  • Your source must be identified using the Harvard referencing system. The works used in your bibliography will not be included in your word count.

Task 1

1.1 Discuss accommodation and front office serv
ices for different organizations
1.2 Analyse the roles and responsibilities of a range of accommodation and reception services staff
1.3 Discuss legal and statutory requirements that apply to rooms division operations
1.4 Evaluate services provided by the rooms division in a range of hospitality business

Task 2

2.1 Assess the importance of the front of house area to effective management
2.2 Discuss the key aspects of planning and management of the front of house area for a given hospitality operation management
2.3 Critically discuss the key operational issues affecting the effective management and business performance of the front office area of a given operation

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Task 3

3.1 Assess the importance of property interiors and design to effective management
3.2 Discuss the critical aspects of planning and management of the accommodation service function for a given hospitality operation
3.3 Analyse the key operational issues affecting the effective management and business performance of the accommodation service function for a given operation

Task 4

4.1 Perform revenue/yield management activities to maximize occupancy and rooms revenue
4.2 Discus sales techniques that          room’s division staff can use to promote and maximize revenue
4.3 Discuss the purpose and use of forecasting and statistical data within the rooms division
4.4 Calculate rooms division performance indicators to measure the success of accommodation sales

Course Syllabus

Rooms Division Operations Management

  • Impact of Competition Policy

    Impact of Competition Policy

    Competition policy and regulatory mechanisms are set in order to protect the interest of the consumers. The sound competition and ethical practices are mainly focused in the competition policies of the Government. Competition Act 1998 restricts the monopoly form of the business and help all the organisations to manage their activities in UK with an easy entry and exist process. This policy will give opportunities for Tesco to expand their business operation without facing any legal compliance and as a result the customer’s base will increase (Capon, 2015). The negative impact can be the increase in the level of competition which will motivate the organisations to manipulate their service by undertaking unethical ways like sourcing cheap products. Secondly, Enterprise Act 2002 is focus on the business strategies like mergers or acquisitions adopted by the organisations in UK. Competition polices are taken care by the Office of Fair Trading under this Act. All the grievances and complaints are look after by the Competition Commission by opening a forum named Commission Appeal tribunals (CAT). All the activities related to the anti-competitive are being identified and restricted by the Commission. It will help Tesco to control the negative effects of the competition. Thirdly, the advertisements of the organisations are controlled by the Government of UK and the other independent regulatory bodies like Advertisement Standard Agency. The description related to the trade should be true, safe for the society and must be legal (Hamilton & Webster, 2015). The positive impact will be the false statements made by the companies can be controlled and it will helpful for the genuine business like Tesco to operate. The negative impact can be the false allegation made by the company towards the bodies in order to influence the trade and affairs of one company. Thus to conclude all the policies related to the competition and regulations are aligned with the enhanced value proposition to the customers and safeguard the society against manipulations or exploitations.

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