This essay has been developed in order to study the impact of plastic bags in the environment. It is quiet an obvious case, that the plastic bags contain harmful chemicals, that ruins the environment. The plastics never mix with the soil thereby deteriorating the quality of the land. The essay mainly focuses on the impacts of the plastics on the environment and the living creatures. The government has also designed certain regulations that states that the use of plastic bags must be avoided and lessened so that the environment does not get hampered by the use of the same.


As stated by Tapia-Lewin et al., (2017), it has been observed that the use of plastic bags have high impact on the environment that leads to the deterioration of the land and water bodies. This in turn affects the health of the human beings. On further scrutiny, it has been clear that the plastic bags are developed with certain chemicals that react with other materials and this can have a huge impact on the environment. Deposition of plastics on the land for a longer time period also leads to the release of different chemicals that mixes with the air thereby polluting the same, leading to the increase in the level of harmful gases in the air. Breathing the same can lead to severe health issues. In UAE, the uses of plastic bags are high and the Federal National Council (FNC) has declared that they would soon ban the usage of plastic bags. This is because that the pollution in UAE is increasing at a tremendous rate (Michelot et al., 2017). From the information, it has been notified that each year the country has been consuming more than 13 billion plastic bags, which is affecting the environment in a negative manner. The FNC has urged the Ministry of Environment (MoE) to shift the use of plastic bags with some eco-friendly products that can effectively substitute the use of plastic bags.

According to Hamad Ahmad Al Rahoumi, member from Dubai stated that the MoE on October 2009 has decided to ban the usage of plastic bags but the initiatives were not much effective and this initiative has not been achieved in these six years. Therefore, it is not the question of only Dubai but there are certain other countries, who have failed to ban the usage of the plastic bags to carry their products. The consumptions have not decreased although the governments have taken serious steps against using the plastic bags. The impacts are tremendous as the plastics do not get deteriorated or mixes with the soil rather the components of the chemicals break down reacting with other materials (Berto et al., 2017). This in turn leads to the deteriorating of the quality of the soil or the land. In this case, it must also be considered that the governments must undertake suitable steps that would help them to reduce the use of the plastic bags so that the environment is protected.

Description: Image result for litters of plastic bags and bottles

Figure: Plastic waste in water

Source: (Berto et al., 2017)

This essay mainly focuses on the impact of the plastic bags and bottles on the environment and its creatures. The particle of the plastic bags do not mixes with the soil, the particle reacts with the other chemicals that are present in the soil e.g. the chemicals used in the pesticides, and the other chemicals sued to enhance the quality of the soil. On mixing up with the components or the chemicals of the soil, the fertility of the soil is hampered and this in turn can lead to the reduction in the production of crops. The loss in fertility can hinder the growth of the crops. Animals eating the affected grass suffer from severe health issues and this lead to death as well. the chemicals that are used to develop the plastic bags and bottles are polyethylene terephthalate, polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene etc. If the affected  crops that grow in the same land is consumed by the human beings they also suffers from severe health issues. On the other hand, it can also be stated that there are several factories and manufacturing departments who dispose their plastic bags direct into the water. When the fishes consume the same leads to the death and on contrary to this when humans beings consumes these dead fishes, they also suffer from severe health issues such as diarrhoea, cholera and other waterborne diseases (Shimran, Kumar & Ram, 2017). Therefore, it can be mentioned that the impact is continued as a chain and the disease or the harm is being carried forward which is just destroying the food web and affecting negatively on the environment.

Description: Image result for litters of plastic bags and bottles

Figure: waste in land

Source: (Shimran, Kumar & Ram, 2017)

Therefore, the government must develop suitable regulations that would help them to ban the use of plastic bags so that the environment is protected from being hampered as it clear from the above discussion that the environment food chain is getting impacted thereby deteriorating the environment and its valuable resources. The awareness must also be developed amongst the people so that they are encouraged to make the use of certain substitutes of the plastic bags so that the environment is protected in an effective manner. The companies that deal with the plastic bags must develop their strategies so that they can operate in an effective manner in the environment. Moreover, the organisations must release their waste products after treating them effectively so that the water animals and the plants are not affected due to the harmful chemicals that are realised in the water.  


Thus, from the above discussion, it can be explained that the environment must be protected effectively. Therefore, the governments, must ban the usage of the harmful plastic bags so that the land and the water resources are not the population in different countries are increasing at a tremendous rate, the use has been increased. Therefore, proper substitutes for plastics must be undertaken so that the environment is evergreen. The harmful gases also contribute to the increase in the level of global warming. Thus, plastic bags and bottle must be avoided so that the environment can be kept evergreen.